Monthly Archives: March 2012

My metal art - a mosquito!

When people see some of the metal art I create, they often ask me what they need to get started making some of the art like I do. It may surprise you, but it’s very easy to get started as a metal artist.

I will warn you up front though, you need to take some type of class like welding or metal fabricating. Luckily I took metal works in High School and learned how to weld and the basics of metal fabrication there. Back then we only used stick welders, later on I taught myself how to mig weld. I prefer the MIG welder because for me, it’s quicker and cleaner.

You’ll also need a good cutting torch. I prefer plasma cutter because they leave a clean cut and less mess than an oxy/acetelyne torch. This leaves me more time to work on my art and feel the way it needs to go rather than working with a grinder cleaning everything up.

Which brings me to the next tool. You’lre going to need a good grinder. I have a 4 inch angle grinder, a 7 inch and 9 inch grinders. Depending on the size of the project, I may only use one or all three during the work.

I bought an old pipe bender at a farm auction a while back. This helps me find the shapes I need. You can get them for next to nothing if you look hard enough.

Of course, art is no fun if you get hurt. Welding helmets, safety glasses, leather protectors and gloves are all requirements in my studio. Hearing protection is also a must.

And basically there you have it. Anyone can get on the road to creating beautiful metal art with these simple tools. Now all you need is to be creative!